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carpet cleaning
1 800 FOR COIT

water softeners

O'Brien's Tax Service

Copy Products
11923 Warfield map

Broadband Internet

Arredondo Group
Foundations: San Antonio, Austin, Laredo
210 645-6811

Copenhagen Imports
Smart Furniture
15909 San Pedro map

Ron Hoover RV
I-10 West, Boerne map
830 981-9543

BJ Associates
Laptop Specialists
10823 Gulfdale map

Kendall County Air
Replacement ACs
Boerne 830 816-1879
Comfort 830 995-3404

Bambino Huey
Italian restaurant
606 Embassy Oaks
at West map
210 404-0505

The folks below are not radio advertisers, but I like 'em for their good work and very reasonable prices

New Heights
Tree Service

Clayton Hollingworth
Residential pruning, landscaping, land clearing
210 386-4252



Tue Aug 23 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri

2.3 million hits July
Passed 1 million hits for August on 9th
Passed 2 million hits for August on 19th

The mystery of gasoline prices: Drive a little, save a little
On a recent morning, a Shell gas station in Sugar Land sold a gallon of gas for $2.63. About a mile away on the Southwest Freeway, another Shell station was selling the same gas for $2.66. About half a mile farther, a third Shell was hawking gas for $2.59.



33,000 records illegally accessed at Randolph

“a real scoundrel” acquired access to the personal career information, birth dates, and Social Security numbers kept in the Assignment Management System, or AMS, an online career management program

Red-light cameras this fall in Houston
"...proponents ... say the cameras have reduced the number of serious crashes in ... Garland, Plano and Richardson. Opponents contend that the city's real motive is increased ticket revenue.

Did old woman die before her house was boarded up... or after?

Aims to cross North Atlantic in kite-powered, 14-foot boat

Swazi king drops sex-ban tassels
My nominee for one of the world's Top 25 Screwed-Up Countries

Japanese house-sitter robot hits stores
"..- a watermelon-sized eyeball on wheels that glows purple, blue and orange.."

What Would Jesus Do?
A loving Christian's murder recommendation
Pat Robertson suggests the inconvenient Commandment "Thou shalt not kill" be set aside temporarily so the USA can take care of some assassination bidness



Second officer says Atta known pre-9/11
Navy captain made his claim same day Pentagon said the first officer's report can't be confirmed


State might sell part of Big Bend
Houston man in secret talks with parks agency to buy 45,000 acres.
People familiar with the proposal have said the sale price would be close to $2 million, or about $45 per acre.

Ten-Foot Poll on Big Bend Park---RESULT
posted 10a-11p Tue 8/23/05
Should Texas sell a portion of Big Bend Park to a private landowner?
Sell all we can: the whole place is ugly
Sell a small portion cheap "to square up the boundary"
Don't mess with Texas' park land
Total votes 413-



School finance failure may cause turnover of politicians
Gov. Rick Perry lays the "tremendous disappointment of millions of taxpayers, teachers, [and] parents" squarely on "this Legislature's failure" to pass school finance reform and property-tax relief.
And that blame, by extension, rests on the shoulders of the Republican Party, which controls both the House and Senate, as well as all statewide offices.

A summer of lost viewers for TV networks

Ratings for six major broadcast companies sink, as basic cable and Univision soar.

Turkmen president who banned opera now bans lip-synching


Old Daisy Duke
Daisy Duke circa 2055

Bush defends policy on Iraq war
President Bush restated his policy that the US will "stay the course" in Iraq as he interrupted his holiday to address war veterans.

Los Angeles Times
Bush vows to 'finish the task' to honor fallen
As war protests mount, the president notes the conflict's toll and tells veterans that the U.S. will stay the course in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"We will finish the task that they gave their lives for. We will honor their sacrifice by staying on the offensive against the terrorists, and building strong allies in Afghanistan and Iraq that will help us … fight and win the war on terror."

A NY Times "most emailed" article
The Swift-Boating of Cindy Sheehan
Rush Limbaugh went so far as to declare that Ms. Sheehan's "story is nothing more than forged documents - there's nothing about it that's real." But this time the Swift Boating failed, utterly, and that failure is yet another revealing historical marker in this summer's collapse of political support for the Iraq war.


Lone Star

Austin American
Cindy Sheehan blog


WMAL fires talk host Graham over anti-Islam remarks
According to WMAL, Graham said "Islam is a terrorist organization" 23 times on his July 25 program. On the same show, he also said repeatedly that "moderate Muslims are those who only want to kill Jews" and that "the problem is not extremism. The problem is Islam."

Man threatens to castrate ice cream truck driver with hedge clippers

Cadaver exhibit sets Tampa museum record

Man faked kidnap to skip wedding

World's ugliest dog
Real dog? or Photoshop monster?

Illinois pharmacist refuses to sell morning-after pill

Nun reprimanded for wild dancing

Naked woman jumps onto hood of car being stolen

Credit card letter addressed to 'Dear Palestinian Bomber'

Ann Telnaes cartoon

Jay Tope's

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