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Wed Aug 24 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri

2.3 million hits July
Passed 1 million hits for August on 9th
Passed 2 million hits for August on 19th

On my program today
  • Quality problems in local KB Home housing project
  • Very short sentences for US troops who abused prisoners
  • BRAC base-closing decisions
  • Money for "creative individuals" in proposed S.A. budget



BS protector
Bill Moyer, 73, wears a "Bullshit Protector" flap over his ear while President George W. Bush addresses the Veterans of Foreign Wars. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)
  Gallup poll: 33% say withdraw all troops
Bush works for war support
Underway: 2-week series of addresses on the war
President Bush faces a monumental task: He must project hope about prospects for building a stable and democratic Iraq, analysts say, while at the same time appearing connected to reality, as US casualties mount in both Iraq and Afghanistan.



Iraqi inmates almost made 'Great Escape'
What they discovered was breathtaking: a fully completed tunnel that stretched 357 feet, longer than a football field. Inside were flashlights built from radio diodes and five larger spaces to provide ventilation. The tunnel's walls were as smooth and strong as concrete, sculpted with water and, the Americans believe, milk.
Bucca tunnel
Almost a third of Camp Bucca's 600 detainees participated in digging this tunnel, in which about 100 tons of dirt was excavated in eight weeks. (Courtesy 105th Military Police Battalion)

Afghanistan criticizes US military courts over prisoner abuse trials
"..described as "unbelievably lenient" the sentences U.S. military courts have handed down to American soldiers convicted of abusing two Afghan detainees who later died. One soldier has been sentenced to two months in prison, another to three months..."
The court-martials occurred in Fort Bliss, Texas over the past few weeks.

Gitmo detainees are without a country
Fifteen Chinese Muslims, cleared of terror charges, still languish at Guantanamo.

Americans increasingly skeptical about military news
The U.S. public's confidence that the military and the media keep them informed about national security issues has eroded significantly over the past six years, according to a new poll that shows 60 percent of Americans believe they do not get enough information about military matters to make educated decisions.

Some Iraq vets question new TV show "Over There"
When Steven Bochco's "Over There" began last month, many military blogs immediately began pumping round after round of ack-ack into it, suggesting that it is both opportunistic and clueless. (The FX series will broadcast the fifth of its 13 episodes tonight.) "There are a few bad war movies and TV shows, but this one takes the cake," said a recent post to Boots on the Ground


What a terrific photo in the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung:
Mrs. Urban's 1st day of school
An emotional beginning
Memorial Primary teacher Molly Urban juggled several jobs during her first day as a teacher. Above, Urban comforts kindergartner Loren Weeks while reading a story to the other 21 students in her class Tuesday morning. Photo by David Ingram.

Seguin Gazette-Enterprise
'America’s Most Wanted’ makes stop in Seguin
The show used Parker’s City Pharmacy as the backdrop for a re-enactment. Seguin attains status of World Class City instantly.

Saltwater shark mystery: how'd it get in Medina Lake?

Texas dental patients at risk
Failure to enforce professional standards and investigate backgrounds has threatened the health and safety of dental patients, according to a state audit.

Homeland chief says border no place for 'amateurs' to patrol


  All done in secret so far
Proposed Big Bend Ranch sale causes stir
West Texans already are naturally distrustful of government, Rep. Pete Gallego said, and have been vocal about their opposition to selling the land without public input. Parks Commissioners are to discuss the proposed Presidio County sale during a closed session today at noon.
  Big Bend map
Ten-Foot Poll on Big Bend Park---RESULT
posted 10a-11p Tue 8/23/05
Should Texas sell a portion of Big Bend Park to a private landowner?
Sell all we can: the whole place is ugly
Sell a small portion cheap "to square up the boundary"
Don't mess with Texas' park land
Total votes 413-





Andy Borowitz


Televangelist Breaks Second Commandment in Two Days

One day after Pat Robertson called for the U.S. to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the televangelist raised the ante again today, urging the U.S. to covet President Chavez' wife.

In so doing, Mr. Robertson appeared to contradict two of The Ten Commandments in as many days, having flouted "Thou shat not kill" on Monday.

Speaking on the television program he hosts, "The 700 Club," Mr. Robertson lashed out at the Venezuelan strongman once more, telling his audience, "It's high time that the United States coveted Hugo Chavez' wife."

Warming to his topic, the opinionated preacher added, "And while we're at it, we should covet his house, his manservant, his maidservant, his ox and his ass, for that matter."

Mr. Robertson indicated that all of the coveting he referred to would not require a war, arguing that it could be all done through the use of covert operatives within Venezuela.

"We could send some special ops guys down there, and bang-bang, covet all of that stuff," Mr. Robertson told his audience.

Speaking to reporters after the program, Mr. Robertson was unrepentant about having broken two of the Ten Commandments in two days, telling them, "I fully intend to obey the other eight, and eight out of ten ain't bad."

But the televangelist seemed to waver from that position slightly, telling reporters that the U.S. should "bear false witness against Hugo Chavez and dishonor Hugo Chavez's mother and father."

Elsewhere, one day after the Princeton Review named the University of Wisconsin the nation's top party school, UW said that it was "too hammered" to comment.


Texas' tuition policy challenged
The Washington Legal Foundation has filed a formal discrimination complaint against the state of Texas for a policy that offers in-state college-tuition rates to illegal aliens who live in the state, but denies them to out-of-state students who are American citizens.
For those attending prestigious state-run colleges or universities, the difference in tuitions charged (illegals and out-of-state students) can be $10,000 to $15,000 a year

CatmanPhotoshop monster, or the Catman of Whidbey Island?




horse-drawn car
Fuel-efficient car

Superman spotted in Serbia


Odd encounter kills pet dog
"My dog is dead, my wife's been traumatized, and I'm selling my house soon"


Lone Star

Austin American
Cindy Sheehan blog

Sheehan: "I'm Coming Back to Crawford"
One blog comment: "Cindy Sheehan is a nut. Yes, the Iraq war is being handled horribly. And Yes, I think it is finally time an American took a stand and protested President Bush's lack of planning. But the words coming out of her mouth extend way past the Iraq war. She is an extremist with an agenda, even if one of her agenda items happens to coincide with mine."

Doc calls woman obese: she waddles off to fill out a complaint

And now, more on the Great Sexy-Cheerleader Controversy


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