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Wed Aug 31 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
Passed 3 million hits in August on 29th

Biloxi hurricane damage

All of New Orleans ordered to evacuate

KATRINA BLOG out of New Orleans of South Mississippi
WPMI-TV Mobile, Alabama

Add 830p 8/30 - EVACUEES please check with real local authorities back home, and do not depend on the likes of radio talk hosts, to make your decision on whether or when to try to return.

This evening on a San Antonio talk station I heard the hosts irresponsibly giving advice in the form of GUESSES about which route might be open for an evacuee here to try to get back to Gulfport, Mississippi right away to see his family. The hosts GUESSED that he could go "high up in Mississippi" and then turn south because the Interstate through New Orleans is impassable. They obviously had no inkling of what was going on over there, and hadn't bothered even to Google "Gulfport" to learn that the town is virtually uninhabitable.

I've covered hurricanes along the Texas and Gulf coasts since 1961 and the worst thing I ever heard on radio was misinformed advice to evacuees to return home when, in fact, the town had no water, gasoline, electricity or other infrastructure. I'll not forget the sight of a women on the main street in Freeport right after hurricane Carla. Her car was stranded in water up to seat level, her baby was in her lap, they had no food and no workable transportation, and they were in a dire strait because an idiot on Houston radio (hi, Richard Dobbyn!) had broadcast a GUESS that it would be okay for evacuees to try to return to Freeport.

Please check your local authorities back home before heading out.

Buses to bring Superdome refugees to Astrodome
As Army engineers struggled without success to plug New Orleans' breached levees with sandbags and water continued to rise, Texas officials have worked out a plan to bring more than 23,000 refugees from the Superdome to Houston's Astrodome.

Banned from homes, New Orleans residents grow angry

Ten-Foot Poll on Bush and Katrina---RESULT
posted 1145a Tue 8/30- 8a Wed 8/31/2005
The president will return to Washington "to monitor the hurricane recovery efforts."
It is necessary because he's out of touch at the ranch
It is showboating because he is IN touch wherever he is
It is a prudent show of concern, whether it is "necessary" or not
Total votes 367-



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